Tab Bar + Navigation Template

Here is a template that you can add to your Xcode Application Template list so you can easily create a Tab Bar + Navigation application for iPhone. / Developer / Platforms / iPhoneOS.platform / Developer / Library / Xcode / Continue reading

Alternative to MobilePaper.png

I personally have never liked the MobilePaper.png or the “Safe Mode” lockscreen image provided by SBSettings. So here is a super quick and easy alternative that I made in a few seconds. In XCode, create a new “Window-based” application. Now Continue reading

Project Update (WCSAdmin)

-Added working Tasks function with SQLite3 -Updated Task Editor UI with background image -Reconstructed “Accounts” toolbar to programmatically control UITableView, added EDIT and DONE buttons -Added toolbar to the Tasks View Three20 is no longer referenced, couldn’t get the library Continue reading