Buy Mobile Profiles now!

To receive a complimentary copy of Mobile Profiles, donate via Paypal $3.99 to along with your Unique Device ID. Mobile Profiles will only run on a single device with this unique id. Persons who donate towards Mobile Profiles will Continue reading

MobileProfilesDylib [Manually Update];

For those who want to manually update theMobile Substrate extension for Mobile Profiles, you can download a fixed copy here. This simply fixes the Configure button to launch Mobile Profiles. TO INSTALL: SSH into your iPhone. Navigate to  /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/ Delete Continue reading

Mobile Profiles Changelog (v1.3.2)

These are the changes for v1.3.2 Known Issues: Activating extension while on the lock-screen will cause an abnormal looking alert once unlocked. Swipe & Hold activations are disabled for now. I would recommend either manually backing up custom profiles and performing Continue reading