Mobile Profiles Updated to v2.3, major update!

Mobile Profiles has been submitted to Cydia, so look for version 2.3!

With this updates comes some major improvements and additions!

Most notable improvements:

  • Now a Universal App! One purchase for ALL of your devices!
  • Added Dropbox Remote Back / Restore options for Custom Profiles, logs and preferences.
  • Brought back double height status bar notifications in Mobile Profile Switcher.
  • Added Loading Kiosk notification while Kiosk gathers system information (iPad only).
  • Added Wallpaper settings for iPad.

Most notable fixes:

  • Fixed crash when setting profiles.
  • Fixed Brightness setting in Switcher.
  • Fixed the ability to rename Custom Profiles.
  • Fixed Profile naming, now only character now allowed is the forward slash.

And theres much more! Check out the complete changelog.

Current customers of Mobile Profiles HD should either sign up for a free Mobile Account and input your Cydia Account # to be migrated over, or contact me directly.

As always, you can purchase Mobile Profiles through, Cydia, and now directly from the Mobile Profiles app using Paypal!

One thought on “Mobile Profiles Updated to v2.3, major update!

  1. Just a quick question,
    I just purchased Mobile Profiles for my wife’s new iPhone 4 (verizon) – jailbroken of course. The program will change the notification/ring settings but doesn’t seem to be able to change the on/off status of wifi or bluetooth even though I set them to “OFF” in the Profiles settings. Any ideas or am I just doing something wrong?


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