iPhone / iPad / Mac OS App Marketing

WrightsCS has created a Facebook page dedicated to marketing iOS and Mac OS apps for free, so go take advantage of it and spread the word!

This page was mainly to get the word out about apps that myself and other small time developers have written.

To use the page, I suggest using a link shortening site such as bit.ly or tinyurl.

  • Step 1: Paste the short URL in the LINK box.
  • Step 2: Wait for the site to generate and choose the apps iTunes icon as the thumb and press attach, thats it!
    • This will place the name of the app with the link to the iTunes page. You will also be able to track your hits easily!
    • You can now then add comments of the app when there is something new like an update, news or even links about that app.

So head on over to the Facebook page and hit the LIKE button and start posting your apps and watch the hits come in, and hopefully the sales increase!

Start marketing your apps now @ iPhone / iPad / Mac OS App Marketing on Facebook!

Be sure to show me some support to by LIKEing WrightsCS on Facebook too!

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