#NowPlaying on WrightsCS.com

NowPlaying on WrightsCS.com is a small Mac OS X app that can update your site with the current song playing from iTunes. In addition to displaying the current track and artist, NowPlaying can remotely update a history database for users to browse through. You can also display the last 5 (or however many you define) songs played.

Complete Source code package includes Mac OS Application source code written in Xcode as well as the ASP (Windows Server required) source code and starts at $9.99

Select a Package:


  • Complete Source Code:
    This package will include all source code files listed in What’s Included.
  • Customized Source Code:
    This package will also include all source code files listed in What’s Included, in addition, I will customize the app to fit your website. This will also include a final build version of the application.
  • Donate to this Project:
    Feel like supporting this project? This donation will not include any source codes, but will ensure that this project continues to grow, and hopefully one day can become open source.

What’s Included:

  • Mac OS Application Source code project.
  • Instructions on how to generate the library information page.
  • Active Server Page (.asp) Source files:
    • index.asp – Used to display Last Played and History link.
    • library.asp – Displays detailed information about the entire iTunes library.
    • history.asp – Displays the database history with pagination.
    • addtrack.asp – Adds the track info to database from OS X App.
    • upload.asp – Updates remote now playing file with current title / artist.

Contact me to expand source files to other languages like PHP.

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