PowerCenter widget now available!

PowerCenter widget for iOS5 Notification Center is now available in Cydia on WrightsCS.com Repo and is FREE!

Add http://cydia.wrightscs.com/ and get the widget now!

Also keep in mind that iOS5 is a very early BETA. So this widget is offered FREE of charge. Although it has been tested well, it could probably break with the next BETA release of IOS5, but will actively be updated accordingly.

If you enjoy this widget and would like to see more useful widgets from WrightsCS, consider making a donation!

8 thoughts on “PowerCenter widget now available!

  1. I like the free app, it’s very promising. Some constructive feedback: the buttons are non-responsive sometimes so I have to press two or three times before they activate. It would be great if I could arrange which page loads first by default on my own, rather than it always defaulting to the system status screen. My personal use requires the toggles for wifi/data/airport. Maybe have it default to whatever page was last used? To swipe two pages to the toggles I want, only to then have a “Are you sure you want to do this?” popup for every toggle, reduces the value of them. If I touch it, it should toggle, not ask me if I want to.

    Very promising, as I said. Thanks for developing it! I already joined in the pre-order for the Pro version, so can’t wait to see what’s next!

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