PowerCenter Pro Coming Soon!

Introducing PowerCenter Pro for iOS 5 and Notification Center!

PowerCenter has been had a great response, so I have decided to take it a step further and offer a Pro version. In this Pro version, you will have access to settings such as enabling and disabling the widget conveniently, have the option to toggle a service, or have an alert ask you want you want do (in case of an accidental tap). I have also incorporated a Theme Browser! Now you can change the look of the buttons, and whats even better? No need for WinterBoard! The Theme Browser is built right into PowerCenter Pro! You can easily download and browse what theme you want to use in PowerCenter with no dependency of any other 3rd party extensions!

PowerCenter Pro will be available around the time iOS 5 becomes public, or a more reliable jailbreak is offered for iOS 5.

PowerCenter Pro will be offered on the WrightsCS.com Repo in Cydia for $1.49.

You can also see other widgets I offer at http://cydia.wrightscs.com/index.asp, and as always, you can add that URL in Cydia to start downloading other FREE widgets!



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