FlashCam Now Available on the WrightsCS.com Repo!

Now available on the WrightsCS.com Repo: http://cydia.wrightscs.com and the BigBoss Repo..

So, I was using FlashLock and CameraLock by Filippo Bigarella and got this idea for an enhancement to these 2 individual tweaks: Take both tweaks, combine them and move them off of the slider. Introducing FlashCam, a tweak that does just that. FlashCam adds 2 buttons to the Lock screen which provides simple and quick access to the iPhone 4′s LED Flash, utilizing it as a Flashlight, as well as the Camera.

FlashCam not only gives you access to the Camera, but provides a Preference bundle where you can choose from a variety of Camera applications. You can also choose what mode to open the Default Camera in to, Photo or Video; this is only available for the Default Camera.

There are other neat features available too, such as the ability to theme the buttons and background of FlashCam, or just remove the background altogether and only have 2 buttons! Also, depending on which Camera Mode you have chosen, FlashCam will let you know by displaying a specific button for each mode.

To take advantage of the Flashlight feature, an iPhone 4 is required.

FlashCam will be available on the BigBoss repo as well as the WrightsCS.com repo.

Also, a special thanks goes to Filippo Bigarella for help with this tweak. You can and should follow him on Twitter: @FilippoBiga


28 thoughts on “FlashCam Now Available on the WrightsCS.com Repo!

  1. Doesnt seem to work for me. iphone 4, 4.3.3. Does it conflict with LockInfo? Or themes, maybe? I’ve gone through all the options, tried setting it to dock both at top and bottom, just never shows up. I’d love to use this, any ideas on what i might be doing wrong? Thanks!

  2. Me too – I’m using LockInfo. I was successfully using CameraLock and LockInfo. I del’d it to try this. Very excited to see it work

  3. Like CameraLock would be fine with me. Just two pic buttons (camera/lightbulb) to the side of the slider in the dock area. That way, I assume, that it would be out of the way of anyone’s LS goodies!
    Of course, I’m no coder and haev no idea of the amount of effort that I’m asking for.
    Thanks for all you do,

  4. I have a bug to report, when i bypass the passcode lock and click take photo it doesn’t open the camera app, it just goes to springboard

  5. @Aaron C. Wright
    Again, I’m no coder – but could your version be tweaked or re-written in a way which does not interfere with Lockinfo – like CameraLock. Basically, just adding the flashlight bits to CameraLock. Thanks, -h

  6. iPhone 4 / 4.3.3 / running LockInfo and all is well. I moved the placement to the bottom, on the top it just didn’t work with LockInfo visually for me.

    But I have to say I like the idea of the two buttons with the slider a lot!

    Thanks for the great tweak! :)

  7. Hey, I am new to Jailbreaking, and just have simple Cydia, springboard, winterboard and activator on my Iphone 4, 4.3.3 and installed this tweak. i dont do much and dont have any other tweaks like above people have. Any suggestions? I have reloaded my springboard and rebooted my phone. Thoughts??? Thanks – J

  8. Using LockInfo as well. I eventually got it to work. You need to turn off FlashCam and turn it back on to get the buttons to show on the Lock screen. However…while the flashlight works great, I too have issues launching the camera or Camera+. Many times, after I change the settings and I try to launch the camera, Springboard crashes and I have to restart my iPhone 4. And I have yet to get the camera (or Instagram or Camera+) to launch.

    Great concept! I hope a new build will get it stable. (Oh, I’m on iOS 4.3.3 as well).


  9. I agree! Just follow Dads instructions above and it will work with 4.3.3 and LockInfo.
    I also noticed that the “Lock When Done” didn’t work until I cycled it – just like the main app.
    Awesome work AC! a real bacon-saver! – h

  10. I just followed Dad’s instructions, i restarted phone and turned off and on the flashcam via settings and now it works GREAT!!! THANKS FOR THE FREE TWEAK! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!

  11. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or something, the passcode bypass works (well it also bypasses it even if I turn off the bypass, so not sure what’s going on there) but the important thing for me is that after I’m done with the camera it doesn’t relock. Might be something to look into =]

    Thanks! Great job and great idea too!

  12. Im not sure the lock when done functions properly..Im on 4.2.1, upon taking a snap with flashcam i literally bypass the passcode sequence alltogether and enter the springboard…maybe someone should look into this more thoroughly?

  13. First, great idea! I love this app. Thank you and thank you for making it free.

    I have no issues with lockscreen although I think I did restart both lockscreen and flashcam at one point when I was having trouble.

    I would pay 1.99 for it, especially if it was a little faster and did not suffer the following issue:

    Sometimes when I use the button to turn on the flashlight, I can’t let my phone go to sleep. If I do my phone freezes with the light on and I have to restart it. This is tough because if you are using your phone’s flashlight it’s probably because there is something you need to pay attention to so it’s easy to let your phone go to sleep.

    I just tried to reproduce the problem and of course it worked but perhaps you have some idea of this already. If you want more info from me feel free to email.

  14. Update still doesn’t relock my iPhone :( the camera hide option now shows as a toggle but also doesn’t so anything. Great app otherwise but would be nice if it relocked the phone. Running 4.3.3

  15. Is possible to select another camera app (I use Snappy) rather than the list?

    The normal camera is too slow and I dont use Camera+ or Instagram.

  16. This solves the current issue of loosing the camera button when using Androidlock (I also have slide to unlock turned off). However there is a loop hole now. When in the camera application I can just hit the home button and return to the home screen. Is there a way to mimic the stock functioning of the camera button where you are sandboxed and required to log in (maybe disable home button)?

  17. This solves the current issue of loosing the camera button when using Androidlock (I also have slide to unlock turned off). However there is a loop hole now. When in the camera application I can just hit the home button and return to the home screen bypassing androidlock. Is there a way to mimic the stock functioning of the camera button where you are sand boxed and are required to log in (maybe disable home button)?

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