Mobile Kiosk Gets Updated!

After quite a few months of no updates, I have finally got around to updating Mobile Kiosk! 

Mobile Kiosk is the Premier System Information extension for iOS and brings a native popup alert with all sorts of information, from Address Book info to Now Playing info from your iPod. Mobile Kiosk is available now in the BigBoss Repo, but this update will be pushed very soon! Let me know if you already own Mobile Kiosk, or if you have any other questions about it!

Here are some of the improvements you can look forward to:

New Features

  • Added better support for iPad and rotation.
  • Removed Settings table from Kiosk, moved to PreferenceLoader.
  • Added ‘Safe Mode’ action button.
  • Moved ‘Free Memory’ button to main Window.
  • Added UDID button / pressing will copy it to the Pasteboard.
  • Pressing Home button will now dismiss Mobile Kiosk. (in addition to the close button).
  • Mobile Kiosk can no longer be activated more than 1 time.

New Stats

  • Time Since Last Reboot
  • IMEI
  • Local Host Name
  • MAC Address
  • Current Orientation
  • Timezone
  • Default Calendar
  • Message Database Status

New Address Book Stats

  • Total Phone Numbers
  • Total Birthday entries
  • Total Addresses
  • Total Email Addresses
  • Total Instant Messenger Accounts (total number of Instant Messenger entries stored throughout the Address Book.)
  • Total Website entries


Lock Unlock buttons
These buttons change depending on the state of the device.

  • Lock Device If the device is not on the lockscreen, this will lock the device.
  • Unlock Device If the device is on the lockscreen, this will unlock the device.

New Action buttons
These buttons change depending on if the app is installed.

  • Official WrightsCS App ( Get / Launch )
  • Mobile Profiles App ( Get / Launch )
  • More Apps by WrightsCS
  • Tweet About Mobile Kiosk


  • Rewrote window and how kiosk is loaded.
  • Fixed Kiosk loading time, now activates immediatley with Loading HUD.
  • Fixed ‘Remember Last Active’ feature.
  • Fixed all inconsistencies in stats throughout.
  • Fixed Altitude always showing 0.
  • Fixed incorrect Carrier string.
  • Fixed IMEI string.
  • Fixed scrolling offset.

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