PowerCenter Pro and MusicCenter get updated

Both PowerCenter Pro and MusicCenter updates have been submitted to Cydia and should be available soon.

Here is a list of the changes for those iOS5 Notification Center Widgets:

PowerCenter Pro:

Added FlashCam page
• Launch custom camera app from Notification Center

Added option to disable BatteryCenter page
Added option to disable Widget background
Added FlashCam options: Camera Mode / App
Added option to add custom camera apps within the PCP app
Added Current Location option

Disabled in-app contact composer in Settings
Updated Theme Help with FlashCam instructions
Updated Settings page, rearranged options
Updated all settings to work on the fly, no restrings necessary
Updated Settings page to show current version
Added Twitter page in Settings

Respring no longer needed for changes to settings.
• Themes change on the fly

Re-arranged system info text, added 4 extra pages:
• System volume information, Free / Total
• Network Activity, Sent / Received
• GPS / Location Information
• Misc. Reboot time, Load avg.


Fixed crash when closing Music app
Fixed issue where “/cc” would be displayed when Mention empty

Both of these can be found in Cydia on the BigBoss repo now.

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