PowerCenter Pro — A Powerful plugin host platform

PowerCenter Pro is now a powerful plugin host platform.

Now iPad-friendly interface, both widget and app.

  • Rewrote the entire widget.
  • Fixed all previously reported crashes.
  • Plugins load fast and do not lag.
  • Loading display is now optional (and not really needed anymore).
  • Updated the Default theme (looks more clear on Retina devices).
  • Added Plugin Manager.
  • Plugins can be rearranged, disabled and removed. New plugins can be added from Cydia (when developers start submitting their plugins).
  • Added Test “Notification Center” screen (replicates the NC. to test PCP in-app)
  • Added “More Plugins”. Online “store” where you can find FREE and PAID plugins.
  • Added “Current Plugin” — shows last used plugin.
  • Added “Live Stats: option for the System Stats plugin. (updates per second)
  • Added visual options:
  • Bounce Effect (turn on the “bounce” when scrolling.
  • Page Dot indicators (turn page indicator on / off).
  • Show Loading HUD (not really necessary anymore).

Included Plugins:

There are 8 plugins that are supplied with PowerCenter Pro by default. See “More Plugins” for a description of each plugin.

  • About
  • Battery
  • Comm
  • FlashCam
  • Power
  • Screen
  • Settings
  • System Stats

Plans for the Future:

When Developers start submitting their plugins, I will eventually add functionality for developers to include their own Preferences to be set in the PowerCenterPro app.

Developers can obtain an example plugin with code at http://cydia.wrightscs.com/index.asp

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