Take the Mobile Profiles Polls

Take a moment of your time and participate in the Mobile Profiles Polls on Facebook. Should Mobile Profiles for iPhone include Mobile Kiosk? The iPad version already includes Kiosk, but should the iPhone version of Mobile Profiles include Mobile Kiosk Continue reading

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When you subscribe to Mobile Accounts, you will automatically receive access to ALL WrightsCS apps. All you will need to do is update your Mobile Account with your Cydia Account # to start downloading! You will also get access to Continue reading

New Mobile Profiles Poll on Facebook

Posted a new Poll on Facebook: Should Mobile Profiles for iPhone include Mobile Kiosk? With the release of version 2.3 came a universal integration of Mobile Profiles HD which included Kiosk on the Dashboard. If enough users are in favor of Continue reading

Mobile Profiles Updated to v2.3, major update!

Mobile Profiles has been submitted to Cydia, so look for version 2.3! With this updates comes some major improvements and additions! Most notable improvements: Now a Universal App! One purchase for ALL of your devices! Added Dropbox Remote Back / Continue reading

Mobile Profiles Screenshots updated

Updated screenshots of Mobile Profiles have been uploaded. Mobile Profiles will soon be updated to version 2.3 and many changes, improvements and bug fixes will be included. As always, there is a running changelog of the updates to come. The Continue reading

Mobile Profiles DEMO update submitted to Cydia

Mobile Profiles DEMO has been updated to version 2.2. With this update comes a few UI and performance enhancements. I am working on a few bugs and other options for the PAID version and will be released after the iOS Continue reading

Mobile Profiles Localization

If you are interested in translating Mobile Profiles, download the English localization file. http://bit.ly/frBOtV Email the translated file to aaron@wrightscs.com. At the top of the file, theres a place that says AUTHOR Aaron Wright Aaron@WrightsCS.com, replace this with YOUR information Continue reading


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