Project Update (MobileProfiles)

• Code cleanup • Added second table group for Gaming Options and Settings with icon • Set default switches and disabled UI interaction as this will serve only as reference for what service will be toggled • Resolved memory issues by releasing objects Continue reading

YouTube Update (MobileProfiles)

iPhone Profile Manager Demonstration of what I believe the iPhone should be equipped with. As of OS3.1, there is still no such application, nor is there any “Apple Approved” way of doing this.  There are private API’s, or low-level headers Continue reading

Project Update (MobileProfiles)

• Added subtitles to main table • AccessoryButton now pushes to new view controller • Created HomeProfile view controller with appropriate settings • Clicking on the cell now activates the profile, and chanes footer text to reflect current TODO: • Continue reading

Project Update (WCSAdmin)

-Added working Tasks function with SQLite3 -Updated Task Editor UI with background image -Reconstructed “Accounts” toolbar to programmatically control UITableView, added EDIT and DONE buttons -Added toolbar to the Tasks View Three20 is no longer referenced, couldn’t get the library Continue reading