iPhone Developer Program Enrollment

Help me enroll in the iPhone Developer program! Your donation makes the difference. Any amount will be appreciated! Any donators will recieve redemption points for any and all apps I submit to the App Store! Please follow the secure link Continue reading

Tab Bar + Navigation Template

Here is a template that you can add to your Xcode Application Template list so you can easily create a Tab Bar + Navigation application for iPhone. / Developer / Platforms / iPhoneOS.platform / Developer / Library / Xcode / Continue reading

Alternative to MobilePaper.png

I personally have never liked the MobilePaper.png or the “Safe Mode” lockscreen image provided by SBSettings. So here is a super quick and easy alternative that I made in a few seconds. In XCode, create a new “Window-based” application. Now Continue reading

Project Update (WCSAdmin)

-Added working Tasks function with SQLite3 -Updated Task Editor UI with background image -Reconstructed “Accounts” toolbar to programmatically control UITableView, added EDIT and DONE buttons -Added toolbar to the Tasks View Three20 is no longer referenced, couldn’t get the library Continue reading

WCSDashboard iPhone App

While creating WCSAdmin, I will also be creating WCSDashboard. My objective is to create a website manager allowing full administrative functions for webmasters on the go. I want to add a springboard style interface that allows for quick and easy Continue reading