PowerCenter Pro — Arranging, Disabling Pages Demo

This video demonstrates how to arrange and disable pages in PowerCenter Pro. Version 1.3 now includes an in-App style Notification Center testing screen to see what themes, no background, arranged pages and disabled pages will look like in the Notification Continue reading

New YouTube Channel! Subscribe Now!

So I’ve had a YouTube account for a long time, but now I have a new channel dedicated entirely to apps and tweaks that I make, so go to ths new channel and hit that subscribe button! As of this Continue reading

YouTube Update (MobileProfiles)

iPhone Profile Manager Demonstration of what I believe the iPhone should be equipped with. As of OS3.1, there is still no such application, nor is there any “Apple Approved” way of doing this.  There are private API’s, or low-level headers Continue reading

YouTube Update (WCSAdmin)

Posted a video on YouTube demonstrating my progress so far. For only stating a week ago form scratch not knowing Objective-C programming language, and never using Xcode or Interface Builder, I believe I have come a ways, not long, but Continue reading